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Increasing attractiveness as an employer

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Making leadership effective – developing leadership personalities

Change management

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Implementing strategies effectively:

Shaping future

Strategic leadership means to align a company with its vision for the future.

In order to be successful in competition, it is absolutely necessary to implement the company’s strategy efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. Only if the strategy is supported by all executives and is implemented energetically and convincingly, it will lead to measurable success and allow for differentiation in competition.

Good and promising strategies are the result of a structured approach and hard work. In strategic development as well as in the implementation of strategies, executives are in demand to provide precise leadership.

Dr. Maier + Partner HR Consulting supports enterprises in developing and creating strategies as well as in subsequent, efficient implementation. We are committed to your success.

A professional, neutral strategic moderation in the framework of a strategic process ensures traceable results, provides additional, important impetus and opens new perspectives and possibilities.

We will be glad to develop a concept together with you on the basis of your individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us.


Career consulting

Shaping careers consciously

Managing your own career systematically, creating perspectives, seizing opportunities: our professional career counselling is intended to lead you on your way and show possibilities for a targeted professional re-orientation. Together with you, experienced career coaches will analyse your professional situation and your potential; on this basis we will define your next career steps. We will develop an optimum strategy four your career planning. Based on our long-standing experience in the job market, we do know how to present in a professional way and provide various accesses to new perspectives. This is how we create relations to potential employers and multipliers in the job market.

The aim is to prepare an elaborate strategy which makes use of your professional potentials in the job market. We implement this strategy together with you. Always with a clear focus on your success.

Take the next step. We will be pleased to give individual advice.


Employer branding:

Increasing attractiveness as an employer

In times of skills shortage a strong and authentic employer brand is a decisive, strategic competitive factor. The objective of our consulting service is to increase your company’s attractiveness as an employer for candidates and applicants in a sustainable way.

Step by step, we establish a unique employer image together with you based on a custom-tailored strategy. This includes measures to recruit and retain employees, to develop the corporate culture in a positive sense and to optimise the corporate image. We do so by developing target group oriented, precise visual and textual messages and sending them on the appropriate channels.

Our service portfolio comprises human resources marketing measures such as:

  • Image analysis: how is your company viewed as an employer?
  • HR communication concepts: how can your company communicate as an employer in an optimum way?
    • Definition and establishment of core propositions
    • Designing and copywriting optimum job advertisements
    • Designing and programming career websites
    • Generation, development and implementation of a concept to optimise your company’s presence on various social media platforms and target-oriented implementation of digital human resources marketing campaigns
  • Analysis and optimisation of recruiting processes: how to shape competitive recruiting processes so that candidates get a positive impression of your company – even in the case of a rejected application

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to discuss the various possibilities of establishing a positive employer brand for your company.


Organisation development:

Ensuring targeted development of organisations

Do you want to make your organisation more competitive for the future or do you plan to fundamentally reform it? Do you want to activate executives and optimise your leadership performance? Are you looking for innovations or do you plan the next development leap? You are stuck in the middle of these transformation processes or you are just about to begin?

Dr. Maier + Partner HR Consulting offers you support in these transformation processes, accompanies and assists you in the successful implementation. We develop the architecture and the master plan for transformation processes within your organisation together with you and assist you by effectively intervening in various situations and phases of transformation.

Transformation processes are often demanding; they are always multi-faceted. Professional advice is a decisive factor to make them successful. Sustainable success can be achieved by clear decisions, convincing communication and effective implementation. A tailor-made, structured approach is required to break up communicational and energetic barriers, using competence and experience, channelling emotions and opening future potentials.

There is a wide range of starting situation and objectives of transformation processes. So are our consulting services in the field of organisation development. We support you with the following services:

  • Conception and moderation of workshops
  • Coaching (individual and team coaching)
  • Moderation of strategic processes
  • Installation of constructive feedback processes
  • Temporary management
  • Qualification of employees and executives


HR management:

Establishing HR business partners successfully within the company

Many companies do no longer consider human resources as an administrative task today. The HR department is in demand to play an active role for the company’s success: HR managers are supposed to act as “business partners” and thus provide added value for the company both in a strategic and operative perspective.

Many companies have decided to enforce professionalisation of their HR functions. But this is a complex and often a difficult process. Dr. Maier + Partner HR Consulting supports enterprises and HR departments in implementing the HR business partner model. Training, instruction and coaching of HR business partners are part of this approach.

We will be glad to assist you comprehensively within this process. We look forward to talking to you.



Making leadership effective – developing leadership personalities

There is a variety of strains within a dynamic competition, changing expectations of employees towards their leaders and complex framework conditions forcing companies again and again to guarantee a high level of professionalism within the management. Effective leadership supports a successful corporate culture and creates a positive attitude towards leadership, which is an important prerequisite for sustainable recruitment and employee loyalty.

We accompany executives and qualified employees individually, target and success-orientedly in using and developing their potential. We support stabilisation of the operative management with regard to present and future challenges. Our focus is always on the clients, their strengths, objectives and individual challenges. The topics covered are, for example, leadership optimisation, strengthening of leadership effectiveness, transformation management, coping with conflicts and crises and also the thoughtful use of individual potential. Experienced coaches with long standing expertise in the field of executive coaching and sound management practice of their own accompany you with a high level of appreciation, confidentiality and target orientation.

We will be pleased to elaborate an individual, targeted concept, tailored to your individual framework conditions, your wishes and requirements. We look forward to speaking with you.


Change management:

Shaping changes successfully

Enterprises are subject to constant change: the faster and more target-oriented they adapt to the changing conditions of competition, the more successful they will operate on the market. Often new strategies, modified structures and a new leadership are necessary. But the basic mission is to implement changes in a target-oriented manner. This is the only way to make changes effective.

We accompany you in all kinds of situations during transformation by providing individual change management programmes. We develop a custom-tailored schedule for the change process within your organisation and assist you comprehensively by effective interventions in the various phases of change. We include corporate as well as human factors into the change management process. The results: an increasing learning aptitude is established within your organisation, changes are firmly rooted and future potential is ready to be developed.


Company succession:

Shaping succession proactively

It is one of the great challenges for owner-managed enterprises to deal with company succession. The key to success is a strategically coherent and structured planning that begins at an early stage. This is the only way to hand on a company to the next generation adequately and economically successfully. The necessary changes of the corporate culture tailored to the entrepreneur have to be carried out target-orientedly and, above all, these changes do need painstaking examinations and expert re-evaluation. We provide you with company succession solutions custom-tailored to your starting position and we elaborate an approach which corresponds to social, familiar, fiscal and business management requirements and to the laws of succession in an optimum way.

As a matter of course, we attach great importance to custom-tailored solutions and concepts, designed to cater to your individual preferences concerning company succession.

Potential analysis:

Recognising and developing potential

You can proactively secure corporate leadership by recognising future demands at an early stage. A systematic potential analysis and development of junior talents allows you to minimise risks and costs by avoiding shortage in leading positions. Strategic key positions will be identified and demands for positions will be be realised. You can develop potentials in a tailor-made manner in order to prepare them for various future challenges. We do assist you as experts in filling qualified and executive positions and make use of our methodological best practice tools for potential analysis and succession planning.

We analyse your current and future challenges together with you. We elaborate and evaluate your personal succession plans, identify principal fields of action, develop an accurately fitting talent management and ensure sustainability by rolling examination and assistance.

We will be pleased to discuss an individual, success-oriented concept with you.


Individually accompanying and supporting entrepreneurs and executives facing complex challenges

Today’s leadership means dealing with many challenges. Which competences do leaders have to develop to respond to these challenges? What do they have to do to have a lasting effect on their organisation? For us, coaching is individual, target-oriented support of specialists and executives in order to further develop their potentials and it is also an individual instrument to give encouragement in current and future challenging situations. Within this process we act as a trustful sparring partner, provide creative impetus for change and elaborate pragmatical approaches to achieve your objectives. The results: personal strengths can be fully developed, the effectiveness of the organisation’s leaders is improved.

Our coaching portfolio addresses:

HIGH POTENTIALS, who assume leadership responsibility for the first time and would like to receive professional support.

TOP EXECUTIVES, who deal with a multitude of challenges posed by organisational complexity and are consciously looking for a sparring partner at eye level, who is able to support them in difficult change processes and provide value-adding impetus.

ENTREPRENEURS, who face special challenges in their exposed position and want to know how to provide orientation for their organisation and its executives. What can they do to convince others of their idea of the future and spark enthusiasm? Providing orientation is the core competence of an entrepreneur. Successful leaders do not follow their critics – they are right in doing do. They do know that it is their very own inner convictions, their visions and their ideas of the future, which shape the others’ beliefs. The guiding principle for corporate action is not based on other people’s opinions. For our approach to top management coaching this means: challenging convictions – re-examining visions – developing useful images for the future. The code for successful action and coaching is to communicate with entrepreneurs on eye level.


Training & seminar:

Communicating competence and knowledge

The systematic development of executives’ leadership competences has become an increasingly important factor for business success. Consciously making use of leadership in a company, promoting stability in everyday management and constantly reflecting the individual attitude towards leadership are central prerequisites for positive leadership culture and, with it, employees’ loyalty.

Our training courses and seminars provide a basis: they are always tailored to your current and future requirements and custom-made to suit your organisation. Expert certified trainers with pedagogical experience and comprehensive professional practice guarantee measurable and sustainable learning progress. We ensure that all topics are adjusted to the relevant target group with regard to topical and methodological precision; this is how we provide for comprehensive, touching and successful learning experiences. We will be pleased to develop a concept according to your specific requirements.

Here is a choice of our training courses and seminars:

  • Basics of leadership practice
  • Extension course: leading leadership personalities
  • Professional applicant selection
  • Conducting difficult conversations with employees
  • Conflict management
  • Conducting exit interviews professionally
  • Qualification as HR business partner